Industry Facts

  • The New York School Bus Distributors Association represents bus distributors across New York State that sell, service, maintain and support the safest, most reliable and cleanest school buses in the country.
  • New York’s school bus distributors/dealers employ over 800 people statewide.
  • Bus distributors provide New York school districts and taxpayers with an extremely efficient and cost-effective network to sell and service school buses – helping save taxpayers millions of dollars every year.
  • School bus distributors are the direct link between customers and manufacturers ensuring school districts and private school bus operators have easy access to maintenance, parts, technical expertise, mechanics, training, and warranty services.
  • School bus manufacturers rely on New York’s diverse network of school bus distributors to provide efficient and cost-effective service and support to school districts and private school bus operators.
  • School bus distributors also assist school districts with fleet replacement schedules providing information regarding state and federal safety and environmental mandates ensuring school districts maintain the safest and cleanest school buses possible.
  • School bus distributors also play a major role in the used school bus market; ensuring school districts are not strapped with the stranded costs and hassles of old school buses by allowing school districts to trade-in old school buses.
  • Ever-changing Federal emissions standards, improvements to safety equipment, and the increasingly complex nature of the school bus makes the relationship between school districts and school bus distributors more important than it has ever been. School districts rely on school bus distributors and their professional staff to maintain complex bus systems, and train and educate school technicians on new technologies.